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The hardness of gemstone varies considerably and some types are more easily scratched or damaged than others. To prolong the life and lustre of your jewellery, you should protect it from hard knocks and store it in the box or pouch provided when you are not wearing it. If you need to clean your jewellery, wipe it gently with a clean, soft cloth.  Microfibre cloths are ideal for this purpose. Silver components may be cleaned with a proprietary silver cleaning cloth.  Please bear in mind that certain gemstones (for example turquoise, amber and pearls) are not suitable for cleaning in ultrasonic cleaners . Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.



The life of leather items will be prolonged if they are protected from excessive moisture and we advise removing them before showering or bathing.  Please be aware that the natural strength of fine leather will be compromised if subjected to stress, so take care not to stretch it when putting on and taking off your jewellery.



Amber is a naturally soft and brittle gem which should be treated with care to preserve its lustre and avoid chipping. Avoid contact with chemicals, including detergents, and store in a soft cloth or pouch to prevent damage from  harder materials such as other jewellery. Sudden temperature changes or excessive heat or cold may cause it to crack. Do not use ultrasonic cleaners. When necessary (eg to remove perspiration) it may be cleaned using a soft cloth and lukewarm water. Lustre may be restored by applying a drop of olive oil with a soft cloth. Remove excess oil with a clean cloth.



To avoid damage from contact with other, harder jewellery, store your pearls separately in a cloth bag or jewellery pouch - ideally satin, velvet or silk. Avoid extremes of temperature and very dry atmospheres. When wearing them, avoid contact with perspiration, cosmetics, perfumes, chlorine, acids, oils and creams. You can do this by making sure your pearls are the last thing you put on and the first you take off. Avoid using commercial jewellery cleaners. Instead, wipe clean with a soft damp cloth before storing, taking care to avoid  excessive moisture if combined with leather